I've had the pleasure of getting to start my very first program for graduating high school seniors. It sure has been a learning process, but a fun one. I've had the pleasure of getting to meet 7 seniors from surrounding counties which include Alachua, Levy and Columbia. The joy of getting to know each one of them and how they have a unique personality. I always look forward to each senior session as they are all different to fit who they are and what they love to do.

You may ask yourself well what exactly is the senior spokesmodel program? It's a program designated for high school seniors. For them to enjoy their very last year of high school and what better way by having such an important milestone captured. This program comes with exclusive offers, mini sessions, two full senior sessions, exclusive AMP merchandise and best of all meeting new people.



Bailey is a senior at Santa Fe High School. She loves to be on the river with friends and showing cows. Bailey's plans after graduating is to attend a Junior College in Kansas on the livestock judging team, then graduate with her AA and attend the University of Tennessee with her major in ag communications and minor is education.

An advice that Bailey has to incoming freshman is to make friends. Be nice to everyone, and being popular doesn’t mean anything if then reason you’re popular is because you aren’t liked. You never know what someone Is going through so always be kind.


Rachel is a senior at Chiefland High School. She loves to do outdoorsy stuff, boating, tubing, ride four wheelers, take pictures, and watch Netflix with friends. Rachel plans to continue her education after high school by going to college, but not quite sure what she would like to major in yet.

Rachel's advice to a graduating eighth grader is to be AUTHENTIC! be different, stand out, don’t worry what anyone has to say. P.s if you stand out you have a better chance of getting accepted into a college.


Alaina attends Newberry High School. Alaina was elected as Newberry's homecoming queen! She like to mostly chill at home but sometimes go shopping. After graduating Alaina plants to go to go to Santa Fe college for two years and then transfer to UF to study Criminology.

Alaina's advice to an incoming freshman is to try your best and never give up no matter what. It gets hard at times but you got this.


Kaysen attends Fort White High School. Kaysen was elected as Fort White queen at homecoming. She likes getting her nails done hanging out and to go fishing/hunting.with her friends. Kaysen plans is to peruse something with business or medical field after graduating high school .

Kayser's advise to graduating middle schoolers is to not follow the crowd and be unique.


Adelia is dual enrolled at Santa Fe College and will be graduating from Santa Fe High School. She likes to go mudding and being in the river or springs with her friends. Adelia plans on attending college to study botany.

Some word of advise that she gives upcoming freshman is to put you before anyone focus on your goals and find a balance between school and leisure time.


Caidence attends Santa Fe High School. She like getting boba, thrift shopping, going to the mall, ride around or we go play volleyball and run track with her friends. Caidence currently doesn't have any plans after High School.

Her advice to upcoming freshman is to focus on your school, school will become fun.


Kristi attends Santa Fe High School . She likes mudding, shopping, and going to the river with her friends. Kristi plans on joining the military after high school.

Some advice that Kristi gives upcoming freshman is not think it too much, just be yourself and you will find friends. It may take time and a couple friend groups, but you will find them.